Gap Year 

A Gap Year is a period of time, usually between high school and college, when students take a break from formal classroom-based education to travel, volunteer, intern, or work. Free to Roam Adventures works with individual students and their parents to design gap experiences that suit your preference, budget, and goals for the future.

Career Sabbatical

Adults transitioning between jobs, with seasonal fluctuations in work load, and retirees are taking Career Sabbaticals to gain a fresh perspective on life and personal goals, or just experience something new. Free to Roam Adventures helps plan your adventure so you can focus on the journey and return home feeling rejuvenated.

Remote Work Experience

As more companies move to the cloud, you no longer have to choose between traveling and working -- you can do both at once. Free to Roam Adventures can help customize your Remote Work Experience, helping you sort out the details of a long-term trip - from where to go, work space availabilty, budgeting, and logistical advice.

More than anything this trip has given me the opportunity to find a different side of who I am and discover what is important to me. My experience abroad has been truly invaluable thanks to Free To Roam.
— Chelsea Howe

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