Gap Year 

A Gap Year is a period of time, usually between high school and college, when students take a break from traditional classroom-based education to travel, volunteer, intern, or work. 

Free to Roam Adventures' Gap Year Consulting packages include customized recommendations that match students' gap year goals, budget, and desired experiences. We work with individual clients to curate a combination of gap year experiences that create a challenging and enriching growth year intended to equip students with the confidence, motivation, and clarity to pursue goals in college and beyond. 

Career Sabbatical

Adults transitioning between jobs, remote workers, and retirees are taking Career Sabbaticals to refresh, have a new experience, and gain a fresh perspective on life.

Free to Roam Adventures' Career Sabbatical Consulting packages offer customized recommendations of travel, volunteer, and career enrichment opportunities. We offer individually tailored consulting to plan your experience and offer advising on how to manage responsibilities at home from afar so you can enjoy the journey and return home feeling rejuvenated.

Custom Programs

Meaningful international experiences are critical components in equipping students with the necessary cross-cultural skills to become compassionate and competent global citizens.

Free to Roam Adventures collaborates with institutions and individual faculty to create customized educational travel programs, offering a range of services from recommendations of vetted in-country partners to personalized mentoring to independent students. We combine our logistics management expertise with extensive experience mentoring student groups to curate innovative and engaging programs for colleges and universities. 


Benefits Of Working With Us

  • Customized recommendations, including opportunities not visible at fairs or online searches

  • Opportunities for cost savings through independent experiences planned with help of advisor

  • Thorough vetting of gap year and travel opportunities

  • Guidance throughout the planning and decision-making process from someone with firsthand experience

  • On the ground support during your experience

  • Assistance transferring gap year experience to life back home

More than anything this trip has given me the opportunity to find a different side of who I am and discover what is important to me. My experience abroad has been truly invaluable thanks to Free To Roam.
— Chelsea Howe