Our family used Susan to plan our daughter’s gap year travels (between sophomore and junior year in college) in South America. It was a wonderful experience working with Susan. She is knowledgeable and super friendly. Easy to talk with and a good listener; she gave us some really fine program suggestions. Her vast experience traveling in South America is evident. Her follow-up was quick and she kept my daughter on task about visa, vaccines, etc. I would definitely work with Susan again.
— Joan Shanley
I learned that if you push yourself out of your comfort zone you can find and see amazing things. Climbing a glacier was something I would have never dreamed of doing in my life, but it will probably be one of the most memorable parts of the trip when I look back at it years from now. Learning to step out of my comfort zone opened the door for so many amazing experiences on the trip, like trying new foods, cliff jumping, horseback riding in the mountains and hiking to see amazing waterfalls.
— Kristin O'Connor
 Kristin in Slovenia

Kristin in Slovenia

My semester traveling with Free to Roam changed my very being — my perception and my attitude. Take the chance, we don’t get a chance like this many times in our lives, and when we get older we might not get the chance, so get out there. See what the world has to offer!
— Ellijah Pickering, Semester in Europe 2016
Not wanting to miss out on college life, not knowing if I would be able to emotionally handle 10 weeks away, and all of the other obstacles seem so silly now. This semester has helped me develop a bravery that I’ve never known existed. Having the bravery to live everyday like it’s the most important day ever, as well as to try new things and talk to new people. Pushing through these fears has taught me so much about myself.
— Katie Dooley
 Katie in iceland

Katie in iceland

With perfection, Free to Roam incorporated our academic curriculum into each city we visited and the sites we saw and experienced. The way this trip was set up was well organized and very carefully developed. Our schedule throughout this trip was jam packed, but there was never an overwhelming feeling thanks to Free to Roam’s precise scheduling.
— Mercedes Morelli, Semester in Europe 2015
Susan was an excellent guide who diligently prepared our schedules for each location and distributed any necessary information well in advance to have our days run smoothly. As a soon to be business school graduate, I appreciated Susan’s attention to detail, time management, concern for safety, and her approachable demeanor during our two and a half months together. This trip was truly an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. Each day was an adventure filled with historic tours, unique activities, or culinary treats that I would have had much difficulty finding if attempting to plan on my own. I hope to one day be a participant of a second Free to Roam traveling excursion because I cannot wait to explore more of the world!
— Brittney Askew, Semester in Europe 2015
Susan, our primary contact, was very thorough and efficient in all aspects of pre-planning and management of the program. In particular, her past experience related to participation, leadership, and planning of similar study abroad programs was a huge plus as she had a very well-rounded perspective on managing all aspects of the program.

The various faculty members, students, and administrators involved in the program all enjoyed their experience. I have no reservation in strongly recommending the services of Free to Roam Adventures
— Stephen Vanchhawng, Director of International Programs at Northwood University
More than anything this trip has given me the opportunity to find a different side of who I am and discover what is important to me. My experience abroad has been truly invaluable thanks to Free To Roam.
— Chelsea Howe
I learned a valuable lesson that has hopefully forever changed my perspective on life. — Money isn’t everything. Working your life away is not the only way. It was eye-opening to be in all of these different countries, to see their standards of living and their work-life balance. This experience has changed my mind about what I want to do after graduation and how I want to live the rest of my life. I did things that I never imagined I would and I grew into a person who I am proud of. I came home with a new self-confidence and a burning passion to live the life I want to live.
— Haley Sedlar
I have learned more in one semester of traveling with Free to Roam through Europe than I ever have before. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone interested in traveling and adventuring, or learning about different cultural perspectives and international business, or anything in between!
— Mason Smith, Semester in Europe 2015